Thursday, May 4, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week

Hello all DT Amber here to show you this awesome file for Teacher Appreciation Week.

I used the School Day Bookworms file. 

I only used the one file but there is so much potential use of the other files included with this.

When using this file I made flipped images of the "shadow" piece so I could use my Cricut Explore Air 2 to write the message on the back.

The apple part I duplicated and added the names of each teacher to them as well to be wrote with my cricut. 

I then just used a hole punch to have a way to attach these to each vase.

Here is a look at the whole project I did. 

To make the flower pens I got some dollar store flowers and cut them off the branch with my wire cutters.

I then pulled out the bottom of the pen. You will need to make sure you get the pens that are NOT clickers.

I then tested the cut flower to see if I needed to cut anymore wire off from the stem so the flower head would be flush with the end of the pen.

I then got out my floral tape and started at the tip of the pen and wrapped the floral tape at a slight angle up and around the pen. I continued to wrap it all the way to the head of the flower and a few time around the top to make sure it was covered well.

I filled the vases with "river rocks" I got from the dollar store as well.

I then used my tape runner around the top of the vases so it would hold the ribbon in place.

After getting the ribbon on I did hot glue the one end down and made the bow and hot glued it to the spot I just done to keep the ribbon end on. 

I then placed the cap back on the pen and put it and the butterfly into the vase.

  I then attached the tags I made for each teacher with some twine.

Hope you enjoy this project! 

 Happy Crafting!